Enjoy the Perks of a Hot Spa in Calgary

Swim Spa Calgary is located in the trendy Mont Rouge at the foothills of the majestic Calgary mountains. The impressive views of the city skyline and the Rocky Mountains have made it a desirable residential area for many years. It has an excellent location because it is only a short drive to the North Calgary River, a trout stream and the Strathcona Reservoir. This luxurious area offers residents all the benefits of living downtown but adds the luxury of the outdoors and the comfort of indoor living to the mix.

There are many types of services offered at the Swim Spa Calgary. Many of them are designed to help you tone and relax your body so that you can get the most out of your time and energy while in Calgary. A typical day at the spa includes a detoxifying massage that will help cleanse the body of impurities and detoxify it from within. You will then be able to enjoy a full body massage designed to soothe, relax and energize your body and mind. Other services include body wrap and body shaping that helps sculpt the body while also nourishing it from within.

Other services include ultrasonic massages. The therapist will use soft, electronic pulses to ease aches and pains and stimulate the muscles. Some treatments include the use of mud wraps which are similar to a massage but allow you to soak your towel and apply it to yourself without washing your clothes. This allows you to remove toxins from your body without washing the affected area. The soft jets also help to ease cramps and other pains and prevent damage to the skin.

A typical day at the spa includes a variety of treatments including mud wraps. As you can imagine, they also include spa treatments that encourage circulation as well. Two of the treatments that they offer include iontophoresis and bio-dynamic therapy. Iontophoresis is a process where water is electrolysis applied to different parts of the body. This electrolysis helps to get rid of toxins by introducing them to oxygen and new cells.

The bio-dynamic therapy helps to increase muscle mass, improve metabolism and tone muscles. After the therapist gives you treatments, you will likely feel refreshed and more energetic. The relaxant agents in the spa products work to reduce anxiety and tension. If you have not tried this type of treatment before, it may be an experience that you will want to repeat again.

At the Scarless Swim Spa, you will receive personal instruction from certified instructors who know how to treat clients safely. They are skilled at working with individuals of all ages and can customize treatment plans for your particular needs. You will also receive a full skin moisturizing treatment that is customized for the area of your body that you wish to treat. Some of the benefits that you can expect during a five or ten minute soak include:

A typical day at the Dimensi Spa includes massage services that use clay, oils and creams that sooth and relax your body. It’s possible to also receive a Swedish massage which uses soothing oil and smooth wood to create a Swedish massage. There is also a prenatal service offered at the Dimensi. This treatment helps prepare the mother for giving birth and is focused on soothing muscles and increasing blood flow to the entire body. Other treatments offered are shiatsu, reflexology, and acupressure. This all-inclusive program allows clients to learn about relaxation techniques while enjoying the calming effects of the various massage treatments.

The Scarless Swim Spa has two locations in Calgary, one located at the Eastgate Hotel and another one located at the Lanier Hotel. Both locations offer many different types of massage services that you can receive at your own comfort level and at your own schedule. The Dimensi spa has a larger range of treatments available to clients than the scaunehidromasaj however. You can enjoy a massage that addresses problems such as back pain, neck pain, shin splints, migraines, stress, and headaches.