Why Amardeep Steel Centre is a Manufacturing Hub For Quality Steel Products?

The Amardeep Steel Centre in Mumbai is one of the few places in India where you can witness firsthand Indian Steel. It has been here for more than three decades. The steel fabricators here use some of the best available technology to transform raw material into finished goods. This gives the entire facility a well-deserved name.

Since its inception, the amardeep steel centre has maintained a long term relationship with India’s leading industrialists. This has enabled them to gain valuable insight into the market scenario and adopt innovative strategies to serve clients better. In fact, they have even set up an India Research and Development wing. The wing conducts cutting-edge research and develops new process equipment to cater to client demands. This enables the company to provide customized solutions and address growing customer demands.

Steel fabricators at Amradeep steel centre are engaged in the manufacture of pipe, tubes, shafts, plate and cable of all kinds-from simple hollow tubes to complex multi-stage turbines. They also undertake the manufacture of tubes and pipes of different gauge and thickness. Tubes and wires of all types can be customized to suit client requirements. From heating and cooling systems to lighting fixtures, there is no part of the process that is not addressed by the company at Amradeep.

The amardeep steel centre at Mumbai has emerged as one of the leading industrial raw materials suppliers to the Maharashtra government and other state governments in India. The steel fabricators use only the best steel material and technologies available in the country. They ensure that the products are supplied from the very beginning of the project to the end. This ensures that the clients receive first-class services and that the period of service is mutually beneficial for both the parties.

Since almost 70% of the entire manufacturing process is done at the amradeep steel centre in Mumbai, it facilitates the clients with an easy access to the steel industry from anywhere in the country. The high standard of work culture and the quality of industrial raw materials used to make it one of the most preferred steel manufacturing facility in the country. Since the entire process is mechanized, it makes the product delivery very fast. Moreover, most of the machines and other modern technologies are used in the entire production process to ensure that the clients are kept satisfied at all times.

One of the major advantages of using the Amradeep steel centre is that the complete process is coordinated through well-defined sets of steps. These steps have been carefully studied and understood over decades of experience by the experts at Amadeep. The set of steps comprises a primary analysis stage, which identifies the requirement of the client; a specification stage where the customer’s requirements are analyzed; a construction stage where all the required equipment, material and machinery are procured and finally an operations stage, where the goods are transported and delivered to the customers. The entire process is fully automated and there is no manual supervision required. Hence, this helps in saving on man-power and also avoids any sort of discrepancies that may occur in manual process during the shipment or delivery of the goods.

Another great advantage of using the Amadeep steel centre is that it uses the traditional method of welding rather than any new methods like super welding, laser welding, carbon vapor compression, electrodialysis etc. This has helped to save on the man-power required for the processing as well as the cost involved in the process. Some of the equipments like heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, valves, pipelines and other machine tools are used here that have been manufactured and tested over decades for excellent performance. The result is that the whole manufacturing unit takes place at one place and all the necessary steps are taken for quality control and consistency throughout the process.

An interesting fact about the Amadeep steel Centre since 1984 is that in this year, they had started a facility named ‘Maha Mahal’ in Pitampura, West Bengal. This is located about 25 kms from Kolkata and it was meant for providing training to people in heavy machinery welding, pipefitting, arc welding, gas fitting, heat treating, sheet metal working and also provided a platform for people to make applications to a vast range of Indian industries. Since then the name of the manufacturing unit has expanded worldwide and now it has plants in Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. It also has dealers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.